Welcome to my updated website.

Some paintings you will already have seen. However, not to rest on my laurels I have been busy with other works.

My love of windows and their many facets is depicted in ‘Reflective’.

What can I say about the ‘shoes’ entitled ‘A Wish Come True’. Real shoes? Oh no, even a chicken would not wear them even though they are as light as a feather and created from chicken wire, covered with tissue paper, fabric and decorated with beads. Maybe now the title makes a little more sense.

‘In a Different Light’ and ‘In a Different Light 2’ are the start of a series of paintings inspired by the wetness, colour and light on the bark of some young sycamores after heavy storms, seen by me after one of my local walks. They were quite incredible and have since retreated back into their dullness.

I love colour and texture and use acrylic paint, inks, pva glue and sand a lot in my work. Sand. of course, is not only used to build sandcastles, but to use as a base when glued to the canvas, enabling me to create lovely textured surfaces. However, there is no time to hang about, as the sand soon hardens quite quickly. Speed is of the essence, not for the hesitant or faint hearted.

News items spur me on to other paintings, allowing me to express my feelings and emotions on canvas. The painting ‘We Have Let This Happen’, for example covers a man- made disaster and the state of the buildings left to go to rack and ruin in the Bromsgrove area. This is the type of subject which I find myself going back to again and again.

One thing you can be sure of, I do not hide my light under a bushel or skulk behind a screen. I so enjoyed working on ‘Boxed In’ and hope to pursue this 3D painting in the future. Watch this space, perhaps whilst enjoying the delights of ‘Strawberry Trellis’

Paintings produced since the Gallery 150 exhibition, are displayed under the umbrella of the Deasil Art Gallery, Oxford Street, Leamington Spa and works can regularly be seen at Gallery Art & Wine in Warwick Road, Kenilworth.

Copyright © Jane Powell 2015